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Energy Solutions

Efficient power generation is one of the key core competencies of K&J Diesel Generator division which helps it to stand out as one of the market leaders in the GCC. Experience spread over a wide range of industries ensures Energy solutions regardless of the industry classification. Tailor made solutions adhering to any industry standards makes K&J one of the most preferred energy partners. Existing fleet which is highly efficient fuel consumption wise combined with one of the best technical expertise available defines more than 10 years of successful operation in the field.

K&J Fleet Range

With a rapidly growing fleet K&J as always focuses on quality rather than quantity. High fuel efficiency, low operations cost, reliable output of power and emission rates are the key factors which decides as to how generators are added, maintained and disposed. As of currently the existing fleet is divided into 3 main sections depending on the power output. They are

  1. Light Power Range

Units from 40KVA to 80KVA makes up the entire fleet in this range. Sectors such as residential, telecommunications and low scale constructions are the main users here. Key features for this are:

  • Quick Mobilization
  • On site trouble shooting and query solving
  • Continuous assessment of operation

2.  Medium Power Range

Units from 100KVA up to 450 KVA fall into this category. Medium scale constructions, banking, port usage, logistics and others comprise of the users who fall into this sector. Important requirements include:

  • Zero-Down time
  • Mobilization and commissioning as per varied requirement
  • Performance trackers and evaluators on a strict schedule basis

3. Heavy Power Range

Any units from 500 and above are considered to be the heavy application range. Careful deployment is the most key factor for this range. Manufacturing plants, heavy constructions, projects, oil and gas are some of the key client base.

  • 24/7 availability of technical expertise on site
  • Remote assessment on regular basis
  • Physical monitoring at all times

K&J Smart Share

The most recent innovation in the industry, load sharing is used for application where power requirements are subject to fluctuations over periods of usage. An initial starting requirement maybe much more than the actual running requirement. This is where K&J Smart Share comes into play. As an economical and environmental success, this ensures that scarce resources are at their maximum utilization and efficiency as well as controls emission levels to a great extent.

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Emergency Response Generators (Back up Units)

K&J understands and values customer operation and the effect of stop in the same due to any reason. This is the reason why K&J provides only the most reliable generators to its clients at any point of time. Each unit is strictly physically verified, load tested and quality assured by head of the division so as to ensure smooth operation at the site. Emergency generators provided for back up application are at its finest condition which assures maximum peace of mind.


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