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K&J Power House provides one of the most trusted and affordable Annual Maintenance Contracts which are on par and above the market standards. Strict adherence to manufacturer recommendations and usage of original parts combined with a dedicated round the clock monitoring and K&J expertise ensures that the machine remains in pristine condition even in situations of continuous usage and rough weather conditions.

However the the most important question to be answered here is – Why should one go for an AMC contract when they can execute a normal service for a Generator at a much more nominal and feasible price range?

The answer to this question is also K&J’s award winning AMC product. As Generator holders K&J’s clients are given two options for the product which can be tailor made to suit one’s own Generator Model at economical price ranges:

     1. Inspection Level Service Management (ILM)

Inspection Level Service Management makes use of K&J technical expertise to thoroughly inspect the machine using a preset checklist which covers all aspects of the machine. Step by step checks starting from the electrical side, the process moves on to the engine, cooling, routine wear and tear parts and so on ensuring that no factor which may cause any unnecessary hassle in the future is identified and relayed across so that precautionary measures can be taken well in advance. Following this process ensures maximum effectiveness of the asset at maximum efficiently.

     2. Pro – Active Preventive Level Service Management (PLM)

An advanced level of the inspection level management, Pro-Active Preventive Level Service Management ensures that along with K&J technical expertise and years of experience in parts procurement gets the product holder the best available market price which fits into their budget. As a PLM AMC holder, one gets access to a world of next level information which helps to understand the machine on a much deeper level.  The holder can choose to access K&J training program to ensure that the personnel is on par with the technicians  performing this exercise. Additional reports such as Ageing analysis, float unit monitoring procedure, trouble shooting skill development are some of the benefits of the program.

Scope of Work include the following main checkpoints and respective corrective measures but not only limited to are:    

  • Air System
  • Lubricating System
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • Electrical System
  • Enclosure & Protection System
  • Parameter Check System
  • Routine Wear & Tear Check
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