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K&J Strategy for all years has been the same and kept simple – Best service will guarantee a return customer.

Our simple strategy ensures that all concerns of customers are addressed at the right time, at the right place and by the right person. The hierarchy elevation method lets customers approach the next higher management level at any point of time if they are not satisfied with the answer they get to their queries. In addition to this, all management personnel ensures that they are known to all the customers on a direct basis so that they are aware that the same people can be approached on an informal basis if they feel the resolution process is moving at a slow pace and would like to speed it up as much as possible.

Our elevation method is as shown in the flow below:

<insert flow>

In addition to service, we ensure that our products and service are priced at the best available option based on the market. Quality is the biggest concern for us when we source our products and this shows in our products and the service we provide.We sincerely believe that competitive rates and best quality are the main ingredients for our image in the market.

Our easily accessible and convenient facilities helps us to deliver our promise. A space of more than 300,000 Sq Feet at Dubai Industrial City and 50,000 Sq Feet at Sohar facilitates our entire process, starting from receiving you to delivering complete products at your door step. Customers and visitors are always encouraged and welcome to visit us in order to get a better understanding about our structure, our processes, our team and and the management.

DIC Premise Location – https://goo.gl/maps/i62g6EV5VvA2

Sohar Premise Location –

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