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Dynamic Balancing

K&J’s dynamic balancing division can handle rotating equipment from 2 Tonne in capacity, 2 Meters in diameter and 2 Meters in length. K&J avails IRD Entek Machine from USA for precision balancing. The latest upgrade in this department enables dynamic balancing capacity up to 5 Tonne, 5 Meters in diameter and 5 Meters in length.

Unbalance in any rotating equipment increases it’s vibration, decreasing efficiency and affects the running life which results in replacement which costs by unnecessary wastage of resources.

Why the need for balancing?

When inspecting rotating components, the unbalance can not be visually identified. Vibration and force generation are the only factors through which unbalance can be determined. A properly balance ensures smooth operation, efficiency and reduces unnecessary wear and tear which can be avoided to a great extent. The savings compared to the cost of the process automatically justifies the meagre expense incurred.


  • Machine and computerized reporting
  • Accurate and convenient balancing of rotating equipment as per customer requirements
  • Computerized balancing
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