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Events & Exhibitions

K&J Events and Exhibitions Wing has been been providing turnkey solutions to all types of events requiring portable power, be it less than 100KW or more than 1 MW. We understand that organizing events are more than a handful and ensure that we can be more than reliable concerning power supply side. Immediate mobilization, managing man power around the clock to speed up the setup process, cable lying and most important of all – Safety precautions. Events sites can be dangerous to attendees who may not be aware of the dangers associated with power generation; K&J therefore cordons off certain areas with sufficient warning signs and personnel so as to avoid this risk.

Our customer line up includes Hotels, Exhibition holders, Event conductors, NGO programs and Government setups. We are known for the quality service provided and much more for the reliability that comes along with it.

With each event, we get stronger, better, faster and more efficient than the previous one ensuring that once with us, always with us!

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