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Employee Concern

” If you take care of your people, they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself ” – J W Mariott

Any successful company is comprised of successful people. Dedication and team work are two of the most important factors for any organization to progress and we believe we have instilled them in our employees. Without our people, K&J would be nothing, thus we owe all credit to each and every individual in the team. They are provided with the best available health care in the available range, good accommodations and support facilities. Any of their problem is ours too.

The management at K&J actively involves in continuous development and monitoring of each employee through the respective division heads. A recently introduced employee benefit initiative of a self appraisal system ensures that any efforts done by any personnel is made known and immediately responded to. In addition to this, the company is currently undergoing a study as on how to instill a habit of a healthy life style amongst it’s ranks on a step by step basis. The first phase was to allot a small portion of the premises to setup a Organic gardening facility complete with enriched soil using natural fertilizers. The second phase is to get them to voluntarily involve in the process of planning and cultivating plants on the same. We believe this will help in increasing team work, efficiency and physical activity.

A employee feedback box is also installed on two locations at the premise at which any body can drop their suggestions, complaints or frustrations. Even anonymous feedbacks are looked into as long as they are genuine and reasonable. These boxes are checked on a regular basis and feedbacks are updated on the company notice boards.


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