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Engine Overhauling

K&J Overhauling division has successfully over the past 10 years completed various engine makes. Expertise in the field is not limited to but includes major brands such as CAT, Perkins, Cummins, JBC, Mitsubishi, Deutz, Volvo and Scania. A most common tip from the experts in the industry is to repair as early as possible before the actual failure occurs. Once the damage has been done, one may end up paying 3-4 times than what it would have costed for the repair option. An added benefit to this is that, once a preventive measure before hand is taken, the other parts which could have been damaged by prolonging the issue can be saved and re-used thereby saving the unnecessary cost of replacing those as well.

One of the most important parameters for a successful Engine Overhaul is that it is executed in the shortest possible time frame to avoid unnecessary downtime at the same time without compromising performance efficiency or quality. K&J offers two kinds of economically feasible and time constrained overhaul options:

  1. Top Overhaul
  2. Major Overhaul

Overhauling Process

  • Inspection – The machine is throughly inspected using K&J checklist which identifies the major problems that can be noticed without dismantling the machine.
  • Dismantling – Next step is to dismantle the entire engine and carefully go through the parts to sort out the parts that need not necessarily be changed. Any parts which hampers smooth operations is discarded after notifying the client.
  • Clean & Replace – The entire body and parts are cleaned as required by manufacturers and missing or damaged parts are replaced.
  • Block Restoration – The engine block being the base of the machine is checked throughly through various methods such as pressure testing to ensure that it is in the condition as recommended, repairs are done if needed.
  • Pre-Assembling Quality Check – Factory qualified technician rechecks the entire process up till now to ensure everything is as needed before assembling
  • Assembling – The engine is assembled as per manufacturer standards and catalogue.
  • Quality Assurance – Once the engine is mounted it is carefully tested through K&J strict performance benchmarks to ensure that the performance is on par as recommended. Customer presence is highly recommended.
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