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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the organization initiative to contemplate and take responsibility for it’s effects both environmentally and socially. It is when an extra effort is made in respect to what is generally accepted or expected.

At K&J, we believe we have a moral responsibility to return at least a little back to the community which we are a part of. In addition to the company, all employees are encouraged to contribute whatever they can as well. A full fledged CSR initiative planned as of latest include:

  • Blood Donation Drive
  • Clothes Donation Drive
  • Volunteering for Community Initiatives
  • Clean up Campaigns

The company also emphasizes on its Eco-Friendly waste management and disposal system where special care is taken to ensure that pollutants and waste generation is kept at the bare minimum and is also disposed responsibly and as recommended to not harm the surroundings. The employees are regularly updated on various initiatives such as managing and maintaining Energy and Water efficiency. Encouragement for the same is provided throughout all management levels starting from the top to bottom as we believe is setting examples rather than force.

Values and Ethics are promoted throughout the organization at every level and special appreciation is displayed throughout the company’s employee network through the HR department.

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