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Fuel Injection

K&J Diesel Service is the new authorized diesel service unit of BOSCH. Since the production of the first diesel truck in 1924 and first diesel passenger car in 1936, Bosch has been the world’s leading provider of diesel technology.

Through close cooperation with engine designers and constant innovation in development and production, modern high-pressure systems have been created in the last few years.

The high performance and economy of the electronically controlled diesel systems make these diesel vehicles more and more popular.

Parallel to the expertise being built up in initial equipment; innovative test equipment including corresponding software ESI (tonic) has been developed. They make diagnosis of the diesel systems possible at the vehicle to allow subsequent selective replacement of defective components. Bosch thus makes it possible for all workshops to master diesel systems and take advantage of new turnover potential.

Introduction of Electronic Fuel Injection Testing Machine and Accessories

K&J is the first in UAE to introduce Bosch Electronic Fuel Injection Testing Machine and accessories for the diagnosis of the new generation FIP using following technologies: Common Rail Unit Pump (New BOSCH CAM BOX Technology) Unit Injector System.

Measuring system with measuring glass technology for conventional diesel injection pumps up to 12 cylinders for meeting the requirements of old generation pumps.

Petrol Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing

In addition to diesel K&J also uses Petrol Injector of ASNU for the diagnosis of Petrol Injectors.

Our Commitment:

Provide maximum customer satisfaction through:

  • Diagnosis in line with the instructions of BOSCH
  • Professionally qualified and technically competent engineers
  • Diagnosis and rectification of problems within short time
  • Best results guaranteed


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