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Our Present

K&J today has over 175 units in the Power Generation fleet which comprises of various power ratings starting from 40 KVA to 1250 KVA units. Its Power Solutions division which holds not only the maximum workforce but also is the biggest business figure generator, volume wise, and thus heavy investments were made into this – Technical capacity wise and Diagnostic Tools wise.

The Rewinding Division which at first was only handling in house works now has completed a lot of prestigious client projects and undertakings successfully and is a force to reckon with on it’s own. As of now, the team can handle capacities up to 2500 KW.

Balancing Division can handle ranges from Less than 2 Tonnes and 2 Meter up to 5 Tonnes and 5 Meters. Precision balancing is done using IRD Entek Balancing machine which is one of the best available machinery in the industry.

Fuel Injection Division is equally well equipped with the latest machinery and tools to handle Fuel Pumps ranging from simple inline pumps to the complicated and latest common rail injection series.



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