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Environmental Responsibility

At K&J we have, is and will aways be committed to caring about it’s surroundings and the environment. Being one of our core beliefs we try our best to ensure both emission and wastage are kept at its bare minimum. Stringent testing methods and periodic checks ensure that our machinery are at it’s best efficiency.

Cleaner Energy

K&J has already begun it’s planning for transitioning of Diesel based gensets to Gas and Hybrid versions to further reduce it’s negative impact on the environment. Feasibility studies with solar panels based energy generation is also underway as one of the most important focus goals of the organization as this will further reduce the carbon footprint the organization leaves behind.

Output Efficiency

Our machinery does not just deliver your energy needs but also ensures that it is done the most efficient way. Production to consumption ratio also remains on the positive side which results in less fuel consumed for maximum output. In addition to this, K&J’s smart share program guarantee’s that the input required is only as per energy requirements at any given time which means as the usage decreases the amount of fuel consumed also decreases along with it unlike the conventional method of constant energy consumption.

Noise Pollution

Power generation can be a loud process. K&J has ensured that this thought is of the past. K&J’s sound proof and super silent gensets have reduced noise emission to the bare minimum so that the unit can be used anywhere and is community friendly regardless of where it is mobilized be it at a construction site or a housing community. Moreover hybrid energy solution systems ensure that the sound factor has been almost completely eradicated.





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